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Golf Holidays in Turkey

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With a superb climate, amazing history and thousands of miles of coastline, the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is becoming a golf holiday haven. The quality of the courses is excellent and golfers can expect challenging yet enjoyable rounds in magnificent surroundings. The golf courses designed by famous names like Feherty, Montgomerie and Faldo have given Turkey serious international golfing credibility, and make sure that a golf holiday in Turkey will be an amazing value experience. Belek 's natural beauty was discovered in 1984 and the region was designated the ‘Belek Tourism Center', since which time it has been carefully planned and developed to become the stunning, sophisticated resort you see today. The try of Culture and Tourism to be a tourism model not just for today's tourist, but also for the tourist of the next millennium. The region has 32 four and five star hotels and first-class holiday villages together with eleven golf courses. All of the facilities offer the highest of standards, providing an ideal atmosphere for families and couples alike. A wide range of activities and opportunities for relaxation is available. In planning the golf courses the architects took into special consideration the wishes and expectations of European golfers. Thanks to the beauty of the area, the golf courses look stunning and provide the golfer with exactly the right balance of challenge and enjoyment.


In the Ataturk and Karaalioglu Parks, the colourful exotic flowers and the shimmering water in the bay with the mountains behind demonstrate why Antalya has become such a popular resort. In the Aqua Park, on the eastern coast, every kind of water sport is available, including exciting water slides.

The Archeological Museum, with artefacts from the Paleolithic Age to Ottoman times, offers a glimpse of the area's rich history. Two-coloured ceramics dated at 5400 - 8500 B.C. are worth seeing. The Ataturk Museum displays objects used by the founder of the Turkish Republic. The Antalya Altin Portakal (Golden Orange) Film and Art Festival, held in the autumn, attracts many participants and visitors. The ancient theatre in Aspendos makes an impressive setting for some of the festival's plays and concerts.


Belek is one if the best locations in the world surrounded by antique cities, and the turquoise sea where the emerald green meets the falls flowing from the mountains. Moreover, this district, with immense sandy beaches, which embrace the deep Mediterranean blue, not only survives its natural and historical richness but also portrays the architecture of modern life, which complete its magical beauty.

Today, Belek is looked upon as the new face of Turkish tourism and its completely unique nature and proper architecture are continuously observed and developed by the Union known as BETYAB.

Belek is situated just 30 kilometres east of Antalya city centre and only 30 minutes from the airport. Antalya is one of the most favourite resort areas of the Mediterranean and it's acknowledged as the centre of the Mediterranean tourism of today and tomorrow.


Turkey is such a large country with such diverse terrain that the climate varies greatly from one region to another. The south Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey have a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. As you head north towards IÏstanbul, summers become shorter and the winters colder. The Black Sea coast is Turkey's wettest region, and the only region which receives rainfall throughout the year. The eastern part can receive up to 2,200 mms annual rainfall, with warm summers and mild winters. In central Anatolian the summers are hot and dry and the winters cold, and as you head east towards Eastern Anatolia the summers become milder and the winters harsher - temperatures can drop as low as -30°C to -38°C in the mountains and snow may lie on the ground 120 days of the year.

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