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Golf Holidays in Gran Canaria, Spain

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For more than a century this island has been famous in Europe for its weather conditions, which are perfect for playing golf everyday of the year in either winter or summer. There is now an exceptional range of golf courses to choose from, all of which have been designed by experts. This, together with its proximity, and all the advantages of being with the European Union and the splendid beaches and hotels, has made Gran Canaria the preferred destination for many golf players who come here regularly on holidays.

Playing golf in Gran Canaria is more than just playing sport. It is a tradition that goes back to 1891, the year in which the club that pioneered golf in Spain was founded, namely the Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas.

Imagine any day of the year, it doesn't matter whether it is in winter or summer. Imagine blue skies and the perfect temperature for playing your favourite sport. You are in Gran Canaria. Thanks to the influence of the trade winds and the gentle sea currents, the island enjoys the best climate in the world, as has been confirmed by various studies and as we know from experience.

Gran Canaria is often referred to as a miniature continent. It has an exceptional ecosystem and the most unusual natural scenery, which is due to its volcanic origins with contrasts that never fail to amaze visitors.

Of more than five hundred years of European history, there is always something new to discover on this island, as the visitor will find out when exploring the historic centres of Gran Canria's cities and villages.

Gran Canaria boasts six magnificent golf courses that are spread out over territory. These courses were designed by professionals and experts that do not hesitate in affirming that they are some of the best in Spain. Here, you will find golf courses that are veritable oases of tranquillity, where you can enjoy the calm and peacefulness that you need to improve your game, or simply to play your favourite sport.

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