Golf Holidays in Tuscany, Italy

Golf Holidays in Tuscany, Italy

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Tuscany, with its 15 certificate golf courses (9 with 18 holes and 6 with 9 holes) and its numerous promotional and practice courses, is the perfect place to play golf. Here you will find landscapes that offer the most different of thrills.

You will encounter meadows running after hills, forests embracing small lakes, pine woods demoting towards the coast which be delighted by these wonderful places, where silence is broken only by one's own steps or by the blow of a successful drive.

Tuscany has a climate that allows you to play golf all year round, whether you are on the coast, or on the hills and even on the mountains.

Far from urban centres and modern buildings, where the enchantment of Tuscan landscape is alive, playing golf in Tuscany may represent a journey back in time, enjoying your stay in wonderful historical buildings and ancient villas, which are today the seat of important golf clubs, embraced by a landscape of perfect harmony.

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